Welcome to my disclaimer page, which is probably one of the most important (and maybe a little dull) pages on my blog. I have put this disclaimer together to cover all areas of my blog, as I know there are often a lot of questions that surround the blogging world, so I’m hoping that this page will make things clearer when reading through this website.


Unless otherwise stated, I am the legal copyright holder of all (written and graphic) content on this website. All of my outfit posts are taken by my family and/or friends, unless stated otherwise, but all other imagery and written content is created by me. Although I am happy for my content to be shared across the internet, please ensure that you contact me first for approval, so that I am aware of its location – I don’t want my content to end up on any dodgy sites, ya know? Any material you wish to take from this website must include a link to as credit to the original source. This includes copies of any imagery or written content, including but not limited to, articles or press releases.


I am always appreciative when people interact with my blog, which is why it is important for me to inform you that any personal and/or contact information that is provided to me, will be kept private, and I will not sell or disclose this information to any other companies. I am not responsible, however, for the privacy policies of any third parties you may interact with on the site, so it’s always best to check their own privacy policies if you are unsure. I use Google Analytics to monitor the trends on my blog, so by using this site, you agree to the Google Analytics privacy statement, and any data that may be taken by them.


My blog is free for anyone to read, so, like many other bloggers, I often use affiliate links to earn a small amount of commission when linking certain products on my blog. This is just a way for me to earn a little bit of extra money from the content I work so hard to produce. I currently use ShopStyle Collective’s affiliate programme, however, not all of the websites/products I link are currently supported by ShopStyle Collective – meaning that not all of my product links are affiliate links. I always ensure to link the exact products that I mention, or something as similar as possible, however, I will never include any misleading links, just to try and make more money!


I reserve the rights to change the theme/focus of my blog (like expanding my content to topics other than fashion), to close the site, or to change to a paid platform, at my own discretion. I also reserve the rights to monitor the comments left on this site, and delete any that I deem to be inappropriate, or that may cause offence to my audience.