Is It Okay for Fashion Bloggers to Wear Primark..?












Well, is it? It’s no lie that the blogging world is becoming more and more saturated by the day, and with the sudden growth of fashion bloggers, it certainly seems like there is more ‘competition’ than ever to wear the best outfits, and they’re not always the most affordable…

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with designer fashion, but equally, there’s nothing wrong with high-street fashion, and that seems to be the topic that’s had quite the controversy recently. There have been articles published and comments posted about wearing high-street clothes for blog shoots, and whilst I think it’s creative and fun (and what I do!), not everyone seems to think it’s up to blogging standards these days, if your blog is something you wish to take seriously.

So, as a fashion blogger, is it okay to wear Primark clothes for your blog shoots? Or is it too cheap? Well, first of all, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to fashion, and that’s what is so amazing about being a fashion blogger – getting to put your own creative spin on outfits, and making them your own. I own a lot of Primark clothing, and I’ve actually had more compliments and people asking me where I got my outfit from when I’ve been wearing something from Primark, over anything else. The top I’m wearing in this post is from Primark, and I actually featured it in my Primark Haul video, and I love it! The quality is amazing, and it looks and feels like it should be way more expensive than it actually was. It’s so pretty and easy to wear, that I just had to buy it as soon as I saw it.

The reason I decided to talk about this in a post was to remind you that as long as you are happy and comfortable with the clothes you buy and wear, you should never let anyone else’s opinion change that. I think Primark have some really lovely clothes, and I certainly won’t allow anybody tell me that I shouldn’t wear Primark clothes, or any clothes that are considered ‘cheap’, just because people would expect more ‘quality’ from a fashion blogger. If you have a blog, or you’re thinking of starting one, do not be put off by the idea of having to wear expensive clothes, unless that is something you already do, and feel comfortable with – that’s absolutely fine as well! Having a blog is about creating an online space to be yourself, which is why the blogging world is so amazing.

If you’re interested in what sort of things you can find in Primark, I recently did a Primark Haul over on my YouTube channel, which you can view here.

Some of the items I’m wearing in this post are no longer available online, so I have linked the closest products I could find. These are marked with an asterisk. (*)

Top: Primark *

Shorts: River Island *

Jacket: New Look

Boots: Public Desire

Sunglasses: Primark


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17 responses to “Is It Okay for Fashion Bloggers to Wear Primark..?”

  1. sopharsogood says:

    Amen to this gal! I've featured plenty of Primark items on my blog and tend to find that I get a lot of compliments on my Primark purchases both online and in real life. Everyone should feel free to wear what they themselves feel comfortable in and what they love. Love your top, it's so pretty! Sophie xxx

  2. I definitely think people should be able to wear whatever, even if your a fashion blogger! Primark has some great stuff, so why not! xx

  3. The quality of Primark clothing is definitely increasing over the years and, tbh, the prices have too – but you get what you pay for and I don't mind that. Btw, you are ROCKING that outfit, you look amazing xx

    Alice // The Rose Glow

  4. I think I would wear those boots even while sleeping!!! I am definitely falling for them!!! Classy, stylish outfit with a touch of modernism. Great choices!

  5. Natalie K. says:

    I love your outfit! I also think Primark has some decent clothes. I've been there many times and bought items that would cost me much more in a different shop… Thank you for this motivational post! xx

  6. I'm totally feeling stupid to even ask, but what is Primark?

    • It's not a silly question, don't worry! ☺ Primark is a high-street chain of shops that sell clothes, accessories, beauty products and homeware – at fairly low prices. It's the place to shop if you're looking for a bargain!

  7. Shauna Young says:

    All of my fashion inspirations and favorite bloggers have the ability to mix high street and designer seamlessly. I think it's great if you have the funds to support an all designer wardrobe but let's be honest, how cute are the items in high street stores? The whole point about blogging is being true to you and having the creativity to stand out. I definitely agree with you that it shouldn't matter and that us bloggers should wear whatever we want. Great post! Love content that makes you think and starts a conversation xx

  8. Patricia 12 says:

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  9. Kate Hal says:

    I love Primark because it is affordable! And their clothes are usually pretty cute too!

  10. DUA says:

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