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We’re almost at the end of April, and although spring is now here, the weather is still ever changing. Some days we have gorgeous sunshine, and the next it’s cloudy and chilly, but that’s English weather, I suppose..!

This jumper is ideal to wear during the transitional period between winter and spring, as it’s still not quite warm enough to go out without some sort of jacket or jumper on, but it’s (thankfully) not cold enough to need much more than a jumper. What stood out to me when I first saw this in H&M, was the zip and slit detailing on either side of the waist. The neutral colour and simplistic design give this jumper complete versatility, as it could be worn with pretty much anything and still look amazing. I chose to wear it alongside a pair of ripped jeans and heeled sock boots, for a casual daytime look. I think this style of jumper can make any outfit look effortless, because the zips and slits on either side give it a more flattering and edgy look. Although this detail is minimal, it just goes to show how something so simple can really add to, and change, the overall look of an outfit. Another feature I love about this jumper is that it is slightly longer at the back than it is at the front. This is down to the zip and slit design on either side, but it also gives it a more relaxed fit.


I’ve been looking for a pair of ripped jeans for ages, but I’m quite fussy when it comes to choosing jeans. They can be a pretty expensive investment, so choosing the right pair is crucial. Skinny jeans are my favourite style, as I feel they suit me and my figure the most. I tried on so many pairs before I bought these, but every pair I tried was either too baggy around the ankles, or too loose on the backs of my legs. I then stumbled across these jeans whilst having a look around River Island. They are actually part of their Molly Jeggings range, which is my favourite style of their jeans. They are stretchy, just like leggings, but have the quality and feel of jeans. They were £42 when I bought them, which is a little bit expensive, but I was happy to pay for the quality and fit, as they are much better than other pairs that I tried on elsewhere. The rips in these jeans are in the right places to flatter my legs, and they are also really comfortable to wear, as the material the rips are made from is slightly elasticated. I also love the colour of these, as I mostly have black/dark blue jeans, so it’s nice to have a slightly lighter pair to add to my collection. I am yet to find a pair of skinny ripped jeans that are better than these, and I’d definitely recommend trying them if you’re looking for a new pair!


How insane are these boots?! It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Public Desire and their huge range of gorgeous shoes. These heeled sock boots are perfect to wear with so many different outfits, as the heels are thick, making them easier to wear during the day. I paired them with a casual daytime outfit, but you could also dress them up for more of an evening look. One of the easiest day-to-night looks you could achieve with these boots would be with a jumpsuit – you could also throw on a denim or bomber jacket, to complete your look. I decided to buy these boots in Nude, because I don’t own any other boots in this colour, and the neutral colour means that, just like the jumper, I could wear them with pretty much anything. I like to be practical when buying new clothes/shoes, as I want to know that I’ll be able to get as many uses out of them as possible! With these, I know that I have the option of wearing them with most things, so this won’t be an issue. The sock fit design looks great with these skinny jeans, as it gives a fitted look to my legs, and they just look amazing in general.

Jumper: H&M

Jeans: River Island

Boots: Public Desire

Bag: Fiorelli

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9 responses to “Sock Boot Style…”

  1. You're really beautiful! and I love your photography in this, lovely blog post x

  2. Sahara says:

    This is actually the first time I'm seeing the 'sock boot style' (me as I probably am late to this trend hahaha) they look really comfortable – hopefully they are as comfortable as they look! I personally don't really wear heels but these look so nice & I'm loving the color of them!


  3. Clo Nicoll says:

    Those shoes are absolutely incredible!

  4. These boots are amazing – I've always wanted to try a pair of sock boots.

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