#BloggersFestival 2016…

On Saturday 3rd September, I attended the #BloggersFestival – my first event since starting my blog. Organised by the lovely Scarlett London, and held at the incredible Conrad London St. James, this event certainly did not disappoint! We were greeted on arrival with drinks, a pic & mix table, and the most beautiful, Kim K inspired, white rose wall – which was perfect for photos.

There were a few brands in attendance that I’d heard of before (and also used their products), but most of the brands were completely new to me, which was exciting. It was great to meet and talk to brands outside of my usual interests/niche, so as well as fashion and beauty, there were also lifestyle, food, and technology brands – to name a few.

Brands I visited at the #BloggersFestival:

Natural World

I hadn’t heard of Natural World before last weekend, but they are a brand I’m very much interested in now. Created in London, they specialise in using natural ingredients to make organic hair care products, with an affordable price tag. They also have a variety of ranges to choose from, based on your hair type. I was lucky enough to win the Argan Oil range, which I cannot wait to try out!


I’d never heard of GoSend before, but I’m so glad I know about them now! They are a company that enables you save on high shipping costs when ordering products from America, by creating you an individual, U.S. tax-free, GoSend Locker address, rather than using your own shipping address – amazing! I also got a few goodies from them, including an EOS lip balm that I’ve heard so many great things about.

7th Heaven

I’ve used a few face masks from 7th Heaven before, so I was really excited to see them at this event – I can’t wait to try the Multi Masking box of goodies that I was given! These masks allow you to treat different skin issues (like oily/blemish prone/dull skin), all at once. Their products are also cruelty free, made with natural ingredients, and suitable for vegetarians.

Beverly Hills Formula

Beverly Hills Formula is another brand I knew about before the #BloggersFestival, as I’ve tried their black toothpaste before – and loved it! They produce excellent quality products to help you achieve that “Hollywood Smile” – from whitening toothpastes, to mouthwashes. I was very kindly given their black toothpaste, which contains Activated Charcoal, along with their new gold toothpaste, which contains actual gold particles.. I know, how amazing!? I cannot wait to try these!

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

I was really intrigued by the Heaven by Deborah Mitchell range, as I’d never heard of this skincare brand before. Their skin and body products are made from natural and organic ingredients, and there are different products to target different skin types. I was given their Youthful Moisturiser to try, and I cannot explain my excitement to try this product out! I have oily skin, so I’m hoping that this will help my skin, and I’ll notice a difference.

Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box is a brand that I’d only heard of quite recently, so it was lovely to meet them at the #BloggersFestival. They design the most stunning pieces of jewellery, and it was generous of them to give me a couple of pieces from their range. I’m also very excited to announce that I’ll be doing a photoshoot with Jewellery Box very soon, for their new range!

Friction Free Shaving

Another brand that was new to me was Friction Free Shaving – the very first razor subscription service for women. You sign up for the product you want, and then you receive new blades in the post every month, so that you have a fresh blade every week. This should reduce the amount of friction you may normally experience when shaving. I was given a box to try, and I’m fascinated to see how these blades work for me.


PNY are another brand I was unaware of, but I’m so glad I met them at this event. They are a company who specialise in technology, and they provided me with a gorgeous rose gold rechargeable battery (for my iPhone). The colour also matches my phone, which is a bonus! I just know this product is going to come in super handy in future.


When I discovered Exuviance at the #BloggersFestival, I instantly knew their products would be incredible. They are a skincare brand, with products developed by dermatologists. This means you can use them in the comfort of your home, and get professional results – as you know you’re getting the best quality and experience out of these products. I was very kindly given their Retexturing Treatment to try, which I’m really looking forward to using.


Lipivir were the first brand I met at the #BloggersFestival, and it was nice to meet a brand that was completely new to me. Personally, I don’t suffer from cold sores, but if you do, then Lipivir could be your saviour. They have created a gel product that can be applied around the lips, to help reduce your cold sores. I was also given their product to try, but I’ve given it to someone who does suffer from cold sores, as it’ll be more beneficial for them.

I want to say a massive thank you to all of the lovely brands I met at the #BloggersFestival, and for giving me so many amazing goodies to try out. I also want to thank Scarlett for organising such a wonderful blogging event.

I will be starting my YouTube channel very soon, so if you would like me to review any of the products I was given, please leave a comment on this post, or get in touch via email or social media (my links are at the top of the page). Also, stay tuned for a full outfit post from this event, which will be uploaded next week…

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