Pastel Shades…

Pastel shades are such easy colours to wear, as they go with so many things. I think this jumper would be great to wear for summer evenings, as it’s not too thick and bulky, and the sleeve length is ideal to wear when it’s not too cold, but as a light layer. The pastel blue shade is very soft and easy on the eye, which makes styling it with black jeans the perfect combination. I really like the length of the sleeves, which sets this jumper apart from a lot of the others that I own.

Buying jeans can be a nightmare when it comes to sizing and fit, but I’d have to say that Topshop is my favourite place to buy them from. I’m sure every girl has their ‘holy grail’ jeans. You know, the ones that come in lots of different styles, and actually fit perfectly! For me, it’s Topshop’s Joni jeans. I love how you can choose the correct size for your waist and leg length, which makes buying any jeans from Topshop so much easier. Of course, I’ve gone for my black Joni jeans in this outfit. They are just so easy to wear and style, and they go so well with the pastel blue jumper.

I decided to dress this outfit up with my black lace-up heels from River Island, because you could easily dress it down with a pair of flats or trainers, but I thought I’d add a bit of edge with some heels. These heels are in a lot of my posts, as they’re definitely a favourite of mine.

Some of the items I’m wearing in this post are no longer available online, so I have linked the closest products I could find. These are marked with an asterisk. (*)

Jumper: New Look *

Jeans: Topshop

Heels: River Island *

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