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Saturday, 24 December 2016


Knitted jumper dresses are a huge trend right now, and they are one of my must-have wardrobe essentials. Jumper dresses are super stylish and comfy, plus they keep you warm in the cold winter months - who wouldn't want that?! 

One of my favourite things about jumper dresses is how versatile they are, and how they can be worn in so many different ways to create various looks. In this post, I've gone for a grey figure hugging and flattering jumper dress, and paired it with some black thigh-high boots, for a sleek and stylish look. You could also style an oversized jumper dress with a pair of heels, for a more casual yet glamorous look. This grey knitted jumper dress is the perfect length to wear alone with thigh-high boots, but you could also wear it with tights and ankle boots, or even over a pair of jeans or leggings. The roll neck design is great for keeping you even warmer in the cold weather, and it sets this dress apart from others, with its extra snuggly style.

Thigh-high boots can make any outfit look incredible, and styled with this jumper dress, they change this outfit from simple and casual, to chic and elegant. I love the length and peep-toe style of these boots, and they're really comfy to walk in. You can't really go wrong with black boots, as they go with pretty much anything, and I think the length of this dress paired with the length of these boots work really well to complement one another. These boots are also flattering on the legs, which makes them perfect to wear with a figure hugging dress, for the ultimate chic style.

This bag is one of my favourites that I own. I absolutely love the soft neutral colours, and the matching purse at the front. It would be the perfect bag to take with you for an evening out, as it's not too big or bulky, but it can hold all of the essentials. I also really love the chain strap and the length of this bag with this knitted dress, as it really completes the elegant and classy feel to this look, adding a pop of colour as well.

Jumper Dress: Missguided
Boots: Public Desire

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Monday, 12 December 2016


Now that it's December, I guess it's about time to really start transitioning into warmer outfits for the winter months. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wrap up from head to toe (unless you want to, of course), so I decided to style this outfit by putting together some of my favourite items of clothing that are great for transitioning, and looking great whilst doing so.

Something that can make this cold weather a little more bearable is a bomber jacket. They are most definitely a staple item in my wardrobe, with my collection starting to grow. This black bomber jacket is one of my favourites, because the inside is so warm and fluffy, which makes it perfect to wear in the colder months. I hate the feeling of big, puffy jackets that make you look like you've got about a hundred layers on underneath, so bomber jackets are ideal to wear when you want to stay warm and stylish, but not too bulky. I bought this jacket in black, as it's super easy to wear with pretty much anything. I wanted to go casual with this look, and this bomber jacket really added an effortless, yet sporty edge to an otherwise casual outfit. A great feature of this jacket is the zip pocket on the arm, as it's a genuine pocket. As weird as it sounds, it's actually so useful for things like train tickets/Oyster cards, as they fit perfectly in the pocket with such ease of access. Bomber jackets are so versatile, and there is a style out there for everyone - whatever the occasion - which is why they would make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

This white V-neck top, although very basic, is great because it means that it would work so well with many different outfits. It can be dressed up or down, with a variety of accessories, and can be paired with trainers or flats, but I chose to wear it alongside a pair of jeans and heels, for a casual-chic look. I love the length of the sleeves on this top, with the V-neck detail and simplistic pocket design, as they complement each other really well. You could wear this top with a skirt or a pair of shorts, however, I styled it with some blue jeans. This top could also be worn tucked in or out, giving you multiple options for a variety of looks.

I'm fairly picky with what I wear on my bottom half, as I like to wear are things that are quite tight and figure-hugging, so I tend to wear leggings or skinny jeans. I came across these blue 'Molly jeggings', and decided to try them. Usually when I think of 'jeggings', I think of those really cheap see-through leggings that lots of girls used to wear, which had a denim jean pattern.. Remember those days?! Thankfully, the difference with these is that they actually feel and look like jeans. They are tight and flattering, but also stretchy enough for comfort, and they enhance your curves beautifully. They would go really well with a pair of trainers and a band tee, but I went for a slightly more chic look, opting for a V-neck top, bomber jacket, and lace-up heels.

As soon as I saw these grey lace-up heels, I knew I had to have them, as they're nothing like any of the other heels that I own. I'm obsessed with the lace-up design, as they show off your whole foot in a really elegant and sophisticated way. I also love the open toe design - any reason to treat yourself to a pedicure, right? The open-toe and lace-up design allows you to adjust the laces to fit around your foot for maximum comfort, meaning that they're pretty comfortable to walk in, as you can adjust them to fit your feet. The grey faux suede material is gorgeous and soft, and looks really classy. Although I styled these heels with a pair of jeans and a V-neck top, they would also look fantastic with a dress, or a skirt and crop top, for a more glamorous look that would be perfect for a night out.

Some of the items I'm wearing in this post are no longer available online, so I have linked the closest products I could find. These are marked with an asterisk. (*)

Jeans: River Island *
Bomber Jacket: Missguided
Heels: Public Desire
Bag: Fiorelli

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