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Saturday, 24 December 2016


Knitted jumper dresses are a huge trend right now, and they are one of my must-have wardrobe essentials. Jumper dresses are super stylish and comfy, plus they keep you warm in the cold winter months - who wouldn't want that?! 

One of my favourite things about jumper dresses is how versatile they are, and how they can be worn in so many different ways to create various looks. In this post, I've gone for a grey figure hugging and flattering jumper dress, and paired it with some black thigh-high boots, for a sleek and stylish look. You could also style an oversized jumper dress with a pair of heels, for a more casual yet glamorous look. This grey knitted jumper dress is the perfect length to wear alone with thigh-high boots, but you could also wear it with tights and ankle boots, or even over a pair of jeans or leggings. The roll neck design is great for keeping you even warmer in the cold weather, and it sets this dress apart from others, with its extra snuggly style.

Thigh-high boots can make any outfit look incredible, and styled with this jumper dress, they change this outfit from simple and casual, to chic and elegant. I love the length and peep-toe style of these boots, and they're really comfy to walk in. You can't really go wrong with black boots, as they go with pretty much anything, and I think the length of this dress paired with the length of these boots work really well to complement one another. These boots are also flattering on the legs, which makes them perfect to wear with a figure hugging dress, for the ultimate chic style.

This bag is one of my favourites that I own. I absolutely love the soft neutral colours, and the matching purse at the front. It would be the perfect bag to take with you for an evening out, as it's not too big or bulky, but it can hold all of the essentials. I also really love the chain strap and the length of this bag with this knitted dress, as it really completes the elegant and classy feel to this look, adding a pop of colour as well.

Jumper Dress: Missguided
Boots: Public Desire

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Monday, 12 December 2016


Now that it's December, I guess it's about time to really start transitioning into warmer outfits for the winter months. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wrap up from head to toe (unless you want to, of course), so I decided to style this outfit by putting together some of my favourite items of clothing that are great for transitioning, and looking great whilst doing so.

Something that can make this cold weather a little more bearable is a bomber jacket. They are most definitely a staple item in my wardrobe, with my collection starting to grow. This black bomber jacket is one of my favourites, because the inside is so warm and fluffy, which makes it perfect to wear in the colder months. I hate the feeling of big, puffy jackets that make you look like you've got about a hundred layers on underneath, so bomber jackets are ideal to wear when you want to stay warm and stylish, but not too bulky. I bought this jacket in black, as it's super easy to wear with pretty much anything. I wanted to go casual with this look, and this bomber jacket really added an effortless, yet sporty edge to an otherwise casual outfit. A great feature of this jacket is the zip pocket on the arm, as it's a genuine pocket. As weird as it sounds, it's actually so useful for things like train tickets/Oyster cards, as they fit perfectly in the pocket with such ease of access. Bomber jackets are so versatile, and there is a style out there for everyone - whatever the occasion - which is why they would make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

This white V-neck top, although very basic, is great because it means that it would work so well with many different outfits. It can be dressed up or down, with a variety of accessories, and can be paired with trainers or flats, but I chose to wear it alongside a pair of jeans and heels, for a casual-chic look. I love the length of the sleeves on this top, with the V-neck detail and simplistic pocket design, as they complement each other really well. You could wear this top with a skirt or a pair of shorts, however, I styled it with some blue jeans. This top could also be worn tucked in or out, giving you multiple options for a variety of looks.

I'm fairly picky with what I wear on my bottom half, as I like to wear are things that are quite tight and figure-hugging, so I tend to wear leggings or skinny jeans. I came across these blue 'Molly jeggings', and decided to try them. Usually when I think of 'jeggings', I think of those really cheap see-through leggings that lots of girls used to wear, which had a denim jean pattern.. Remember those days?! Thankfully, the difference with these is that they actually feel and look like jeans. They are tight and flattering, but also stretchy enough for comfort, and they enhance your curves beautifully. They would go really well with a pair of trainers and a band tee, but I went for a slightly more chic look, opting for a V-neck top, bomber jacket, and lace-up heels.

As soon as I saw these grey lace-up heels, I knew I had to have them, as they're nothing like any of the other heels that I own. I'm obsessed with the lace-up design, as they show off your whole foot in a really elegant and sophisticated way. I also love the open toe design - any reason to treat yourself to a pedicure, right? The open-toe and lace-up design allows you to adjust the laces to fit around your foot for maximum comfort, meaning that they're pretty comfortable to walk in, as you can adjust them to fit your feet. The grey faux suede material is gorgeous and soft, and looks really classy. Although I styled these heels with a pair of jeans and a V-neck top, they would also look fantastic with a dress, or a skirt and crop top, for a more glamorous look that would be perfect for a night out.

Some of the items I'm wearing in this post are no longer available online, so I have linked the closest products I could find. These are marked with an asterisk. (*)

Jeans: River Island *
Bomber Jacket: Missguided
Heels: Public Desire
Bag: Fiorelli

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Tuesday, 1 November 2016


The copyright of these photos belongs to

This is a collaborative post with Manière De Voir.

Working out and keeping active doesn't need to be dull, so why should you settle for dull gym wear? I don't know about you, but when I feel good in the clothes that I wear, it makes a huge difference to my confidence, and this is no different when it comes to keeping fit and looking good whilst doing so. Thanks to Manière De Voir, gym wear no longer has to be plain and boring...

The key things that I look for in gym wear are: comfort, style, and affordability. When I was contacted for a collaboration, these were just some of the things I looked for on their website. I would never agree to collaborate with a brand whose products I wouldn't wear myself, or that don't fit with the consistency of my blog. After browsing Manière De Voir's women's gym wear range, I instantly loved their products, and they ticked all of the initial boxes for me. I picked my favourite look from their Active collection, which is this gorgeous, neutral-toned outfit (pictured above).

The Mesh Hoodie really stood out to me because, even though it's designed to be worn whilst working out, the sleek and practical design means that you could easily wear it over a top straight from the gym, in various other places - like to/from work, or simply just out and about. I've never seen a hoodie designed for working out quite like this one, and everything from the colour, to the soft, lightweight material, is ideal for both practicality and style. It also looks really comfortable and airy, which is perfect when exercising!

The Zip-Front Crop Top is one of my favourite pieces from the website, as the 'everyday chic' design alone makes me want to put it on and go and work out.. Seriously. The gorgeous design, made from a soft Neoprene fabric, allows you to work out in style. The top is fitted, yet stretchy, allowing for a full range of movements - exactly what you need when exercising. I love the idea of having a zip at the front. It looks so much easier to put on and take off, rather than having to struggle pulling a fitted crop top over your head with no fastenings to help you - my shoulders have been in so many awkward positions before with other gym crop tops, but this one seems so much more comfortable overall.

The Mesh Panel Leggings are not only ideal for working out, but they are trendy enough to wear on an everyday basis. The flattering slim-fit design is great for complementing your figure, and the neutral colours set these leggings apart from others on the market. They are also durable for even the most intense workouts, as they are both stretchy and comfortable. One of my favourite things about these leggings is the mesh panel detailing, for added comfort and breathability, which is super important when you exercise.

I'm obsessed with Manière De Voir's Active range, as they have amazing products made from premium quality fabrics, at affordable prices. The items that I listed in this post are also available in various other colours, but the neutral tones caught my attention as they are unique, and they don't look like most other gym wear currently available on the market. I've never come across such a beautiful, yet practical range of gym wear, plus the fact that Manière De Voir are an online fashion brand, it means that you would find it difficult to find anything quite as contemporary and trendy on the high street.

You can find more fantastic products like this on

Although this post is a paid collaboration with Manière De Voir, all opinions are my own. I have not been sent any products, nor will I earn any commission on the links that I posted.

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Monday, 17 October 2016


I think it's safe to say that autumn is well and truly here in the UK, but part of me doesn't want to let go of summer just yet. I decided that the best way to transition into the autumn weather/fashion, would be to wear a skirt and top, with a pair of thigh-high boots and a bomber jacket.. I suppose it's that time of year to start rocking these trends again, which I'm definitely not complaining about!

I've wanted a 'band tee' style top for a long time, but something just doesn't feel right about buying one with a band on the front whose music I don't listen to.. I don't know if that's just me, but, for this reason, it made buying one quite a difficult task. I spent ages looking, and then I came across this black T-shirt on Pretty Little Thing - which was exactly what I was looking for. I love the soft material, and how easy it is to tie up at the front, for a slightly edgier look. It has that rock chic vibe, with its use of colour and imagery, and I love the 'New York' slogan on the front.. I'm obsessed with New York.

This skirt caught my eye as soon as I saw it in H&M, and I knew I wanted it right away. I love the simple detailing and soft fabric, and also how it looks when it's on. The detail on either side of this skirt can really enhance the shape of your thighs and hips, which, when worn with a pair of thigh-highs, can change the overall look. You could of course style this skirt however you like, but I decided to go for this look as I like how the material of the skirt and boots are so similar, and they really complement one another, along with the overall outfit.

I'm not really one for wearing coats and layering up, but I'm so glad I bought this cropped pink bomber jacket! It's the perfect size to keep you warm, without it being too hot and puffy, and it's also super easy and effortless to style. It would look amazing with a pair of skinny jeans, but I opted to wear it with this outfit - which I think needs a bit of colour. This touch of pink made such a difference to an otherwise all-black outfit, and kept me warm throughout the day.

These boots were certainly made for walking..! Just wow. I'm obsessed with them already, and this was my first time wearing them. If you're looking for a pair of statement thigh-high boots, these are the ones for you. The faux suede material is so soft, I couldn't stop touching them all day. Another thing I love about the material is how they manage to stay in place without having to constantly pull them back up. The peep-toe design really set these thigh-high boots apart from others, and they're comfortable to wear for so many different occasions. You definitely won't have trouble styling these beauties!

Velvet is a huge trend in the fashion world right now, so I decided to buy this velvet choker to complete my look. It made such a difference to this outfit, and it's a statement accessory everyone should try out at least once.

Skirt: H&M
Bomber Jacket: Missguided
Boots: Public Desire
Choker: Topshop

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Saturday, 1 October 2016


I actually can't believe how quick this year is going, and that we're now in October - madness! I thought I'd start this month with a wish list, as it's something I've never done before, and I'm always keen to try new things. I'll be honest, I already spend a fair amount of time browsing my favourite online stores, so I thought I'd put together my very own wish list of purchases for this month...

The following items are from some of my favourite sites, including: MissguidedBoohoo, ASOS and Pretty Little Thing

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Sunday, 18 September 2016


If you've seen my previous post, you will know that a couple of weeks ago, I went to the #BloggersFestival. I thought I'd do a separate post with outfit details, as my first post was pretty lengthy...

Playsuits are one of the easiest and comfiest outfits to wear, and they can make your whole look seem effortless - but still stylish! The pastel colour and eyelash trim design are the main features that initially appealed to me, and it's now become one of my favourite playsuits. It's slightly oversized on me (purely because my size was sold out, so I had to go a size up), but I think it still looked and felt great.

These heels are one of the comfiest pairs I've worn, which meant that they were ideal for this type of event, as I was on my feet the whole time. I love the soft neutral colour and cut-out detailing on these shoes, and I think the pastel/neutral colour of this outfit worked really well.

I bought this bag as a birthday treat for myself when I was in New York, and I fell in love with it instantly! It's the perfect size for an event/night out, without being too bulky, but with enough room to fit the essentials. The colours complement one another so well, plus it came with a matching purse, so it really was the perfect find!

Heels: New Look

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Friday, 9 September 2016

#BloggersFestival 2016...

On Saturday 3rd September, I attended the #BloggersFestival - my first event since starting my blog. Organised by the lovely Scarlett London, and held at the incredible Conrad London St. James, this event certainly did not disappoint! We were greeted on arrival with drinks, a pic & mix table, and the most beautiful, Kim K inspired, white rose wall - which was perfect for photos.

There were a few brands in attendance that I'd heard of before (and also used their products), but most of the brands were completely new to me, which was exciting. It was great to meet and talk to brands outside of my usual interests/niche, so as well as fashion and beauty, there were also lifestyle, food, and technology brands - to name a few.

Brands I visited at the #BloggersFestival:

Natural World

I hadn't heard of Natural World before last weekend, but they are a brand I'm very much interested in now. Created in London, they specialise in using natural ingredients to make organic hair care products, with an affordable price tag. They also have a variety of ranges to choose from, based on your hair type. I was lucky enough to win the Argan Oil range, which I cannot wait to try out!


I'd never heard of GoSend before, but I'm so glad I know about them now! They are a company that enables you save on high shipping costs when ordering products from America, by creating you an individual, U.S. tax-free, GoSend Locker address, rather than using your own shipping address - amazing! I also got a few goodies from them, including an EOS lip balm that I've heard so many great things about.

7th Heaven

I've used a few face masks from 7th Heaven before, so I was really excited to see them at this event - I can't wait to try the Multi Masking box of goodies that I was given! These masks allow you to treat different skin issues (like oily/blemish prone/dull skin), all at once. Their products are also cruelty free, made with natural ingredients, and suitable for vegetarians.

Beverly Hills Formula

Beverly Hills Formula is another brand I knew about before the #BloggersFestival, as I've tried their black toothpaste before - and loved it! They produce excellent quality products to help you achieve that "Hollywood Smile" - from whitening toothpastes, to mouthwashes. I was very kindly given their black toothpaste, which contains Activated Charcoal, along with their new gold toothpaste, which contains actual gold particles.. I know, how amazing!? I cannot wait to try these!

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

I was really intrigued by the Heaven by Deborah Mitchell range, as I'd never heard of this skincare brand before. Their skin and body products are made from natural and organic ingredients, and there are different products to target different skin types. I was given their Youthful Moisturiser to try, and I cannot explain my excitement to try this product out! I have oily skin, so I'm hoping that this will help my skin, and I'll notice a difference.

Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box is a brand that I'd only heard of quite recently, so it was lovely to meet them at the #BloggersFestival. They design the most stunning pieces of jewellery, and it was generous of them to give me a couple of pieces from their range. I'm also very excited to announce that I'll be doing a photoshoot with Jewellery Box very soon, for their new range!

Friction Free Shaving

Another brand that was new to me was Friction Free Shaving - the very first razor subscription service for women. You sign up for the product you want, and then you receive new blades in the post every month, so that you have a fresh blade every week. This should reduce the amount of friction you may normally experience when shaving. I was given a box to try, and I'm fascinated to see how these blades work for me.


PNY are another brand I was unaware of, but I'm so glad I met them at this event. They are a company who specialise in technology, and they provided me with a gorgeous rose gold rechargeable battery (for my iPhone). The colour also matches my phone, which is a bonus! I just know this product is going to come in super handy in future.


When I discovered Exuviance at the #BloggersFestival, I instantly knew their products would be incredible. They are a skincare brand, with products developed by dermatologists. This means you can use them in the comfort of your home, and get professional results - as you know you're getting the best quality and experience out of these products. I was very kindly given their Retexturing Treatment to try, which I'm really looking forward to using.


Lipivir were the first brand I met at the #BloggersFestival, and it was nice to meet a brand that was completely new to me. Personally, I don't suffer from cold sores, but if you do, then Lipivir could be your saviour. They have created a gel product that can be applied around the lips, to help reduce your cold sores. I was also given their product to try, but I've given it to someone who does suffer from cold sores, as it'll be more beneficial for them.

I want to say a massive thank you to all of the lovely brands I met at the #BloggersFestival, and for giving me so many amazing goodies to try out. I also want to thank Scarlett for organising such a wonderful blogging event.

I will be starting my YouTube channel very soon, so if you would like me to review any of the products I was given, please leave a comment on this post, or get in touch via email or social media (my links are at the top of the page). Also, stay tuned for a full outfit post from this event, which will be uploaded next week...

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